Low-Power LoRa Node with 1-Wire Temperature Sensors

Connect multiple Dallas 1-Wire temperature sensors. They are auto detected. Configure LoRa keys over USB serial port, no programming needed.

Easy Mail Box Notification to Your Phone

No breadboards, no programming, no complicated wiring. Just works. Wireless, low-power design running for years on batteries.

Scary IoT Pumpkin with Motion-Triggered Servo

Pumkin with smart LED strip, PIR motion detector and servo motor to scare even more people. It's wireless and easy to control with Node-RED.

Display Text or Video on BigClown LCD Module Over USB

Useful for Raspberry Pi to display network, system or weather status. Video can be also streamed to this display.

Covid-19 Project Idea: Matrix IR Contactless Thermometer

Inspiration for inventors of tomorrow: An accessible way of contactless skin temperature measurement. Join us to improve this project.

HARDWARIO Ping Pong Table

Upgrade your ping pong table so you won't have to remember score any more. The player who scores pushes the button and that's it.

LoRa Tester with LCD & GPS: Open, Configurable, Low-Power

Fully configurable battery-operated LoRa tester with HARDWARIO Maker Kit. You can configure every LoRa parameter and use GPS with TTN Mapper

Wireless LED Matrix Display with RaspberryPi, Node-RED, MQTT

Universal wireless display, control text and intensity over MQTT from Node-RED or your phone. Display weather, notifications, time.

Soil Sensor with Arduino / ESP8266 / ESP32

Soil Moisture Sensor is a modern, completely sealed capacitive 1-Wire moisture sensor with temperature sensor. How to use it with Arduino?

LoRa Climate Monitor: Easy, Open, Low-Power and with Graphs

Temperature, humidity, lux, pressure. Create LoRa node under 30 minutes. No wiring, no coding. With Ubidots you add graphs and widgets.

Motion Controlled Water Fountain for a Cat

A quick way to control a water fountain for a cat only when the cat is nearby using BigClown and Home Assistant.

HARDWARIO IoT Kit Smart Doorbell

I work a lot in my garage or in the garden, so it happens pretty often that I just don't hear my doorbell. So I made a smart one.

Lights Up! Step-by-Step Guide to Alexa-Controlled LED Strip

Use your voice commands to control BigClown programmable LED strip (Neopixel compatible) by Amazon Alexa and Raspberry Pi.

Wireless Outdoor Weather Station Using HARDWARIO Core Module

Battery-operated station using low power 868 MHz communication. It can measure wind average speed, maximal speed, direction and rainfall.

LED Strip Thermometer with HARDWARIO IoT Kit

Make your own smart indoor climate station with nice looking LED strip and HARDWARIO IoT Kit.

Use Android to Flash STM32 BigClown Modules

Now you can also flash pre-compiled firmware from any Android device with OTG USB support. All you need is STM32utils app from Martin Loren.

Wireless QR Code for Guest WiFi

Are you tired of placing notes with passwords around your company building and replacing them every time you change password? Try this.

HARDWARIO IoT Kit Smart Fridge Monitor

Overfreezing you fridge is not good for your food and power saving, with this fridge monitor, you will always know the temperature in there.

Night Lamp with Wireless Buttons and Motion Detector

Put smart LED strip to the lamp, under bed. Control intensity with a knob or wirelessly with push button or motion detector.

Covid-19 Project Idea: Emergency Button for Elderly

Inspiration for inventors of tomorrow: An easy-to-build wireless button that will text you whenever your relatives are in need of help.

Wireless Shock Sensor - Sense Opening Doors or Windows

Low Power Core Module sends event to the Node-RED in Raspberry Pi tu turn IKEA TRADFRI lightbulb on.

Sigfox Garage Door Guard

Get notification when your garage door is left open by undesired activation of the remote controller in the pocket (or by your kid).


Providing office owners and users with information about comfortability of their workplace.

Smart and Secure WiFi Router with HARDWARIO IoT Kit

Make your own smart router with Turris MOX and HARDWARIO IoT Kit. You can make it change the password periodicaly and show it as a QR code.

Smart photo trap with climate data in terrarium

This project is about how to set up and configure our photo trap.

Air Quality of Office Rooms Application

Measuring quality of air to improve quality of work, improving mental health of employees.

Show BigClown Sensor Data at Raspberry Pi Sense HAT

This project shows how to display data from BigClown sensors on a Raspberry Pi Sense HAT.

Heating Control with HARDWARIO IoT Kit Thermostat

Control your heating with this simple device that is easy to modify. You can control your sunblinds or boiler for optimal temperature.

Turris MOX LCD Monitor with HARDWARIO IoT Kit

Make your own smart LCD monitor for Turris router with HARDWARIO IoT Kit and get all the information about your device in a second.

Adafruit Uncanny Eyes with Accelerometer and HARDWARIO Kit

This is the famous Adafruit "Uncanny Eyes" project ported to HARDWARIO Iot Kit Core Module. You can control eyes with the accelerometer.

Key Code Door Entry System with HARDWARIO IoT Kit

Secure any building with this safe and easy solution.

Smart Traffic Light

We are trying to eliminate traffic jams and improve safety on roads.

Power and internet outage alarm

In many areas you need to know if electric power or internet connectivity is available. This device sends message when you lost it.

MQTT Controlled Modbus Relay Over Radio

Use RS-485 Module to control MODBUS relays. You can control them over radio with MQTT commands from Node-RED

HARDWARIO IoT Kit Light Control of LED Strip

Control colored lights in your room with HARDWARIO IoT Kit. Lights are controlled by orientation of Push button kit or by button itself.

Radio CO2 Monitor

Monitor your workspace or your home with this simple solution that sends all the data by radio so you can work with them.

IoT Toilet And How We Digitize it in Adastra

It started with complaints on constant occupancy of toilets. Later there were some suggestions about developing a smartphone app.

Control Your Home Lighting with Samsung Smart Watches

Make use of Samsung Gear Blynk widget to control LED strip that can light up your room. Thanks to HARDWARIO IoT kit it's easy to make.

HARDWARIO IoT Kit Smart Alarm System

Make an affordable but smart Alarm system for your home, or any of your buildings. It can run up to 2 years just from batteries.

Solar Charging NiMH Batteries in HARDWARIO Battery Module

With solar panel, diode and NiMH batteries you can do a simple hack and recharge batteries in HARDWARIO Battery Module

Clock with Stopwatch Activated by Accelerometer

Nice and simple battery operated clock. Put it upside down and you can measure time to cook perfect eggs. Also displays seconds, temp, etc.

HARDWARIO Non-Invasive Monitoring - Vibration Monitor

Watch the vibrations of your machine with this simple yet powerful device and prevent failures.

Radio Flood Detector

Protect your home from the flood with this simple device. It will send you the notification when there is some leak in a bathroom or kitchen

Egg Timer with a Button Kit

Have your eggs always perfectly boiled just as you like them. With this solution that is simple and customizable.

Stop the Mold with HARDWARIO IoT Kit Climate Module

Stop the mold from spreading in your house or office with this simple device. Just put it into the moldy room and watch the humidity.

HARDWARIO IoT Kit Night Lamp

You will never have to find your light switch again in the night, just walk into your bathroom and lights are on.

Soil humidity monitoring using LoRaWAN and Hardwario

Using a Soil sensor with a Lora module from Hardwario I can control irrigation system in a greenhouse only when it's actually needed.

BigClown to Excel Online integration

This project describes how to store data from BigClown to Microsoft Excel Online.

Smart Wireless HARDWARIO IoT Kit MP3 Player

With this project you can play any sound from your SD card on your audio system. Only wire you will need is 3.5mm jack.

Wireless Presenter with Accelerometer

Have your own presenter always with you. You can make wireless one with HARDWARIO and their Push Button Kit. Just follow these instructions.

Make Your "Dumb" Lamp Smarter

Make your ordinary lamp a smart one with just a few steps. You can achieve that with HARDWARIO IoT Kit and NETIO smart socket.

Cozy Home Lamp with HARDWARIO IoT Kit

Create a beautiful home lamp that looks great and also is smart and customizable with HARDWARIO IoT Kit. It is really easy to make.

HARDWARIO IoT Kit Fingerprint Sensor

You can control a lot of home devices with MQTT and HARDWARIO IoT Kit. Now you can even secure them with this fingerprint sensor integration

Smart Mold Fighter with HARDWARIO IoT Kit

Make an ordinary fan a smart one that reacts to the humidity or temperature in your home or office. Achieve that with HARDWARIO and NETIO.


Smart logistic system with temperature measuring during the transportation and storage.

HARDWARIO IoT Kit LCD monitor of NETIO sockets

You can control and monitor up to 3 devices connected to the NETIO smart socket with just HARDWARIO LCD Kit.


Smart office low cost apllication of IoT devices to monitor presence of people in meeting rooms and schedule meeting events.

HARDWARIO Non-Invasive Monitoring - Temperature Monitor

Detect temperature on some metal surfaces or in the control unit. With this device you can monitor temperature of some fluid in your machine

HARDWARIO IoT Kit Color Game

Teach your kids colors in different languages with HARDWARIO IoT Kit, LED lights and this simple color game.

HARDWARIO Non-Invasive Monitoring - Climate Monitor

Get all enviromental data from around your machine so you can see if it is good for your employees.


Public transport data collection, CO2 and temperature analyzer in movement.

HARDWARIO Non-Invasive Monitoring - Rotation Monitor

You can detect rotations in your machine so you know if the engine is stuck. Measure effectivity by the number of rotations in the machine.

Push The Button

Push Button Kit can interact with your world. Get phone notification, play next Spotify song, control your smart lights, or send a Tweet.

Measure Soil Moisture with HARDWARIO IoT Kit

Use this project for simple moisture monitoring of your garden or upgrade it and connect the data to some smart irrigation system.

Open Garage Door Notifier

I forget sometimes to close the garage door and they're opened all night. So I've added wireless battery operated sensor to notify me.

Pool Monitor with HARDWARIO IoT Kit

Monitor your pool temperature as well as all the other environmental values around it thanks to HARDWARIO IoT Kit and ds18b20 thermometer

Clown Scales

Big Clown scales using HX711 module

Hardwario non-invasive Heat Monitoring with Infra Grid

You can monitor heat on your production line or your air conditioning to detect overheating in your factory with the Infragrid module.

HARDWARIO Pulse Counter

Measure the number of pulses from some sensor, it can be liters that you used in your house, how many times someone opened a door, etc.

Watt-Meter with BigClown

Simple "non-invasive" remote Watt Meter based on electromagnetic induction... and sorry it's long text :)

Radio Climate Monitor

This document will guide you through the Radio Climate Monitor project.

Motivating lights

Lights that make better atmosphere at work and increasing people's working efficiency