2 / 3 Build the Device

By building devices we mean putting modules and enclosure together and pairing devices with a Radio Dongle.

Build delivered kits or build devices from modules (check the video guides how to do so). Do not put batteries to the battery module yet.


Be careful how you connect Mini Battery Module to the other modules. Look at the image below so you know how to do it.

As mentioned, delivered kits are already programmed with a right firmware.

If you would like to change it to another firmware in the Core Module, please follow this firmware flash chapter.

Radio Pairing


Radio kits delivered together with Radio Dongle are already paired and should be visible in Playground’s Devices tab.

In case you need to pair new devices, please follow these radio pairing instructions.

Playground’s Messages

Switch to Playground’s Messages tab and put batteries to your kit, you should see incoming messages. Every kit sends different messages. Here the Button kit sends temperature, voltage, event-count (everytime you press the button) and other messages.