About Infra Grid Module


Infra Grid Module has 64 infrared temperature sensors in 8 by 8 matrix.
You can do non-contact infrared temperature measurement.
Its using Panasonic Infrared Array Sensor Grid-EYE with AMG8833 chip.
You can detect not just movements but also the direction and size of the moving object.


Schematic drawing

SDK Library

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  • Infrared images in 8 by 8 pixel resolution

  • Operating voltage of 3.3 V

  • Temperature accuracy ±2.5 °C

  • Operating and measuring temperatures 0 °C to 80 °C (High gain sensor type)

  • Human detection distance up to 7 m

  • Current consumption of 4.5 mA in normal mode (10 FPS)

  • Integrated power switch for low power operation.

  • Integrated temperature sensor −20 °C to 80 °C