About VOC Tag

The VOC Tag is a gas sensor for measuring volatile organic compounds (VOC) concentration. This is useful for indoor air quality monitoring applications. This module uses a metal-oxide multi-pixel sensor SGP30 from Sensirion measuring total VOC level.

VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) sensor is a great technology for indoor air quality measurement applications. Elevated VOC levels can have a negative impact on well being, comfort, and cognitive abilities. Typical VOC sources are cosmetics, detergents containing alcohols or aldehydes, carpets and flooring, paints, human and animal occupants. Measuring Total VOC (TVOC) level can helps to increase the efficiency of ventilation and air purification, and increases awareness of VOC sources and indoor air pollution.



SDK Library

Header File

Source File



TVOC (ppb)

Hygienic Rating


Exposure Limit

5 - Unhealty

2200 - 5500

Situation not acceptable

Use only if unavoidable
Intense ventilation necessary


4 - Poor

660 - 2200

Major objections

Intensified ventilation
airing necessary, search for sources

< 1 month

3 - Moderate

220 - 660

Some objections

Intensified ventilation
airing recommended, search for sources

< 12 months

4 - Good

65 - 220

No relevant objections

airing recommended

No limit

5 - Excellent

0 - 65

No objections

Target value

No limit


  • VOC multi-pixel gas sensor SGP30 (Sensirion)

  • Suitable for indoor air quality monitoring applications

  • Measurement range of TVOC: 0 to 60 000 ppb (part per billion)

  • The typical Measurement accuracy of ethanol signals: 15 % of reading

  • The typical Measurement accuracy of H₂ signals: 10 % of reading

  • Communication using I²C digital bus interface

  • Operating current: 48 mA (power supply using the DC adapter is recommended)

  • Operating voltage range: 1.9 V to 6.5 V (LDO equipped module)

  • Operating temperature range: -45 to 85 °C

  • Mechanical dimensions: 16 x 16 mm