Wireless Network Overview

HARDWARIO TOWER radio, LoRa, Sigfox, NB-IoT

This article compares the wireless technologies you can use with HARDWARIO TOWER - Industrial IoT Kit. The Kit supports not just generic 868 MHz communication, bud can communicate also by other Low Power Wide Area Networks (LPWAN):


More information could be found in this LPWAN comparison article.

HARDWARIO 868/915 MHz FSK radio

Every Core Module has a SPIRIT1 radio module on it. This radio works up to 400 meters in open area or convers regular family house.


  • Range in open area: 400 m

  • Packet size: 50 bytes


For some examples visit Radio Projects on GitHub

LoRa Network

This is a network build by companies, municipalities and public. You can try to google if some company in your country/area provides this network (CRA, Starnet). You can also buy your own gateway and create your own network for school or city, or use the community The Things Network (coverage map).



  • Range in open area: 10 km

  • Packet size: 50 - 200 bytes


For some examples visit LoRa Projects on GitHub

Sigfox Network


The Sigfox has a subscription model, you can check it out on their page

Because Sigfox is global network, you don’t have to deal with SIM cards or roaming. You do not have to buy or manage gateway. You just use already working infrastructure.

Check Sigfox coverage map to see if your area is covered.


  • Range in open area: 10 km

  • Packet size: 12 bytes


For some examples visit Sigfox Projects on GitHub

NB-IoT network

For this network you can use our platform CHESTER.

NB-IoT Module for HARDWARIO TOWER - Industrial IoT Kit is in the development.