Turris Network Devices

If you need more permanent solution than HARDWARIO Playground you can install all the services yourself in your system. This guide will help you to install and configure these services:

  • HARDWARIO Gateway bcg

  • HARDWARIO Firmware Tool bcf

  • HARDWARIO Host Tool bch

  • Mosquitto MQTT broker

  • Node-RED

  • The process manager pm2


Step 1: Update the package

opkg update

Step 2: Install the driver for the HARDWARIO Radio Dongle and HARDWARIO Core module

1opkg install kmod-usb-serial-ftdi kmod-usb-acm
2insmod ftdi_sio
3insmod cdc_acm

Step 3: Install Mosquitto server and clients

opkg install mosquitto mosquitto-client

Step 4: Enable service for Mosquitto

/etc/init.d/mosquitto enable

Step 5: Start Mosquitto service

/etc/init.d/mosquitto start

Step 6: Install Python 3 (required by the HARDWARIO Gateway and HARDWARIO Firmware Tool)

opkg install python3 python3-pip

Step 7: Install the HARDWARIO Gateway, HARDWARIO Flash Tool and HARDWARIO Host Tool

pip3 install --upgrade --no-cache-dir bcg
pip3 install --upgrade --no-cache-dir bcf
pip3 install --upgrade --no-cache-dir bch

Finishing for Radio Dongle as a gateway

Follow these steps if you have Radio Dongle as a gateway.

Step 1: Finish installation part

Step 2: Download configuration

wget "https://raw.githubusercontent.com/bigclownlabs/bch-gateway/master/turris/etc/config/bc-gateway-usb-dongle" -O /etc/config/bc-gateway-usb-dongle

Step 3: Make sure the configuration works

uci show bc-gateway-usb-dongle

Step 4: Download Init Script

wget "https://raw.githubusercontent.com/bigclownlabs/bch-gateway/master/turris/etc/init.d/bc-gateway-usb-dongle" -O /etc/init.d/bc-gateway-usb-dongle

Step 5: Add execute permission

chmod u+x /etc/init.d/bc-gateway-usb-dongle

Step 6: Enable service for gateway

/etc/init.d/bc-gateway-usb-dongle enable

Step 7: Start service

/etc/init.d/bc-gateway-usb-dongle start